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Company ProfileVision & Objectives

M/s. HK Professional Pvt. Limited aim to be a World Class Staffing & Facilities Management Service provider committed towards Total Quality Service. The company has not only concept of Staffing & Facilities Management Services in India but has also set standards for the industry by the way of caliber of personnel, commitment to training, quality of service and degree of professionalism. The company endeavors to elevate the expectation levels of the industry by constantly upgrading the range and quality of service and will strive towards contributing to an expanding and enriched global market. The services provided by us are unique blend of Quality, Competitive Price and Time. We have with us strongly committed staff to ensure that the services entrusted to us are carried out satisfactorily.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide High Quality, Techno-Innovative, and Total Safety & Security with customized services emphasis on ‘Value for money’ to our esteemed clients in across the industry.

Our Objectives

To provide a cost effective team of professional & well-trained personnel to give the best of our services for smooth functioning of our Client’s Safety, Defence, Clean & Hygienic Housekeeping through the modern scientific techniques.

Company Culture

1. Excellence in service.
2. Dignity of the individual.
3. Uncompromising personalized Services

Our Strengths

1. 24 hours Customer Care Help Line 7838666544 & 7838666542
2. Professional security management with vast and rich experience
3. Provision of highly trained manpower oriented to specific requirement of clients.
4. Provide optimal value for money through a mix of technology and human resources.
5. Customized and personalized service.
6. Selection of Security Guards based on scientific and Psychological evaluation.
7. Project consultancy for complete modern security gadgets from world reputed certified brands with waranty.

Our Value Added Services at No Extra Cost :

1. Ensures high visibility of security deployed at the premises to serve as a deterrent for employees, theft, pilferage, vandalism or irresponsible acts.
2. Ensures compliance of management’s internal security policy.
3. Ensures safety and protection of the client’s property, material etc.
4. Report all security violations to the client and suggest suitable counter measures.
5. Deny entry to the unwanted or unauthorized persons through breaking or regular entrances.
6. Receive and guide patrons as per the advice of the client.
7. Deny access to persons as desired by the client.
8. Keep a close watch on suspicious elements.

Note : Above are the services of general nature; however specific and customized duties as required by the client will also be undertaken by our staff.

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